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 A.I Supercomputing - Decentralised Banking

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We want to power the world’s growing computing needs sustainably while rewarding environmentally-friendly citizens of the world. We recognise that Energy put to use is worth more than its trading price.   

By installing our Smart Ledgers, Blue Energy blockchains energy and information from residential solar into a Public Energy Network and Distributed Supercomputer, profit sharing through crypto directly back to hosting families. 

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Blue Energy is unique in having a three token protocol - one to trade, one to HODL and one as a random BONUS!

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BEC BlueCoin is a conversion of Energy and Information value, represented as a currency token. BlueCoin is kept stable through management of currency supply and demand within a defined, stable and predictable range as an algorithm in our blockchain.

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BEC BlueToken is a security token designed to provide a profit share equity return in Fiat or from other cryptocurrency from the over all function of the business. BlueToken' s are limited in number  in a network of unlimited expansion potential - ensuring capital & dividend growth.

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BEC Lucky Coin is a bonus currency token awarded randomly per month to a Smart Ledger node that awards  10,000 times the value of the BlueCoin! This coin is used for continual BEC marketing purposes and can be banked or cashed by lucky recipients.



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Blue Energy combines a range of technologies that support its operation and monetization processes. These key elements are:

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Smart Ledger 

The Smart Ledger system is installed by attaching it to a new or existing solar PV system. The Smart Ledger consists of a micro controller and a micro PC to run system sensors and to operate as a blockchain hosting VPN node.

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Smartphone  APP

Blue Energy includes a web app that can be delivered over both PC and mobile platforms, with a live performance interface dashboard & animated coin drop wallet. The App  interfaces with the Smart Ledger and to access distributed processing.

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The Blue Energy blockchain and transaction layers will be built on Hyperledger, a blockchain ecosystem that began development in 2016 and is supported by both IBM and the Linux Foundation.

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Solar Panels on Roof


Most Energy produced by rooftop solar occurs during work hours. Once batteries are full this excess energy can be utilized in a profit mindset for BEC system customers through Small and Large Scale energy certificates and through supplying the grid directly with energy for Industry. Through combining Home Solar with the Grid, we find a solution to the long standing struggle between the two.

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VR Headset


Cloud Processing is where we are smart - very smart. The networked capacity of every Smart Ledger combines as a Super Computer that can be remotely connected to, turning cheap devices into Super Smart devices. AI, AR devices and Autonomous vehicle computing will be able to access this Network without the processing cost of expensive hardware - making the future we want more affordable.

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Server Installation


The Blue Energy Bank is a distributed and decentralised financial service (De-Fi) that uses the grid to bank energy through A.I and the Blue Energy blockchain,  while offering all the access and services of regular banks. ​  Energy, Money

and Cryptocurrencies are now exchangeable on a platform accessible 24/7 - delivering true financial freedom for everyone without the hidden expenses of the Big Banks. or Utility companies.

Q3 2020
Business & Technical
Q4 2020
Business and Technical
Q1 2021
Business and Technical
Q2 2021
Business and Technical
Q4 2021
Business and Technical
Q3 2021
Business and Technical
  • Seed Capital Raise 

  • White Paper Release

  • Core Team Recruitment

  • Initial technical development and Design

  • Pre STO Capital Raising 

  • Marketing Channel Development 

  • Brand Alliance Development 

  • Distribution Partnership Development

  • Staff Recruitment

  • Blockchain, App and IoT Development Commences

  • Prototype Smart Ledger Development 

  • Closed Beta Testing Planning 

  • Technical White Paper Release

  • Financial Management Licensing (Singapore)

  • STO Presale (Sophisticated Investors)

  • Brand Alliance Development 

  • Distribution Partnership Development

  • Manufacturing Development

  • Closed Beta Testing Commences

  • Marketing Capture Material for STO

  • Public Marketing Campaign for Blue Energy 

  • STO Public Sale Legal Compliance 

  • Pre STO Public Marketing Campaign

  • Ongoing Development

  • Closed Beta Testing Continues 

  • Post STO Implementation 

  • Public Launch of Blue Energy Network

  • STO Public Sale.


Our Operations Team will be working with the best in the business to network our roadmap from start to finish ensuring a successful deployment and continuation.

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Brett Northey

Founder / CEO

Brett Northey is the CEO and Founder of Blue Energy Corporation and is operating under guidance of the BEC board of directors, non-executive directors, and relevant industry advisors. Brett’s management and sales experience spans a variety of industries, from creative to engineering and sales/marketing sectors

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Robert Kimberly .png

Robert Kimberley

Sales Director

Robert  specializes in the implementation of master planned communities as a Senior Sales Executive in Project Marketing Divisions on the Gold Coast and has leaded other top tier Australian residential sales companies. In 2009 Robert was nominated by the National Executive to be an Australian representative at a CU global forum, and has achieved sales targets beyond expectations.



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Jason Kristian

IT Director

Jason Kristian has been programming for more than 25 years. His experience spans a variety of fields within the ITC sector, which has afforded him extensive knowledge of the full lifecyle of software development - from testing and implementation through to management of server infrastructure used to deploy and run in production.

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Hermoine Way.png

Hermione Way 

Marketing Director

Previously the head of communications for Tinder, Hermione Way boasts experience unlike most other Marketers. With over 10 + years’ experience digital marketing for the technology industry, she has helped her clients campaigns go viral, amassing millions of views, appearing on BBC World News, NYTimes, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch and many more.

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Allan Chiew.png

Allan Chiew


Based in Sydney Australia, Allan has had an extensive background in both Energy and Finance industries. After ten years as the treasurer of an electricity and gas utility, he moved to the banking sector specializing in project finance and advisory services with particular emphasis on electricity infrastructure and Management .

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Elena Kozyreva.png

Elena Kozyreva


Elena has 20 years of international experience in Russia, Canada, and USA in a variety of leadership business, finance, and technology roles, including as a founder and a business owner. Her experience spans across several industries, including the energy sector. Elena holds a MSc degree in Economics, Accounting, and International Business and is a CMA and PMP and worked for Deloitte  in Canada and USA.

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Peter Millet.png

Peter Millet

HR Manager

Peter's experience is in senior roles in mining and aviation disciplines, leading Human Resources, Safety & Quality management, and Project Operations, project development and implementation of human capital and safety systems and is a Senior Safety Advisor as well as a qualified aviation lead auditor and ICAM trained investigator.

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Suzette Morris.png

Suzette Morris

Public Relations

Suzette has specialized in the interface between the private sector and

Government. She has worked closely with Government, Members of Parliament and the public in the promotion and marketing of key initiatives and events. 


Blue Energy operations team are  honoured to work with Advisors who are in the pinnacles of their fields of industry 

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Marco Bizzarri..png

Marco Bizzarri

CEO Gucci

In December 2014, global luxury group Kering named Marco Bizzarri CEO of its flagship luxury brand, Gucci. 
Credited for the quick turnaround of Gucci’s profitability, Marco Bizzarri stopped the brand’s markdown policy, favoured cross-gendered collections and unified fashion shows, and banned the use of fur by the brand. Gucci also amplified its digital strategy to grow its customer base on social networks. In 2016, Gucci’s sales rose 13% to $4.68 billion.

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Josh Hunt .png

Joshua Hunt

 ICO Legal Energy and Resources

Joshua Hunt has extensive experience in all aspects of mining and energy project acquisitions and disposals, including drafting and negotiation of acquisition documents, conducting due diligence into resource assets, and general mining legislation compliance throughout Australia, also focusing on Africa and emerging markets. Josh has further advised on numerous IPOs and fundraising, and has a wide range of experience in many different types of acquisitions by both public and private companies. Josh advises clients in the emerging area of cryptocurrencies, Token Generation Events, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and distributed ledger financial technologies. In addition, Josh provides stock exchange and listing rule compliance advice, capital markets, corporate and strategic advice, general securities, and commercial law advice.

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Liam Tutin.png

Liam Tutin

Advisor- Safety

Liam has over 30 years’ experience in aviation disciplines, spanning aircraft manufacture, fixed wing and rotorcraft operation, executive jet operations, maintenance organisations, and significant charter operations in the resource sector and oil and gas industries. He has extensive experience in the strategic development and implementation of safety systems aligned to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) principles. Liam is a senior safety leader as well as a qualified aviation lead auditor, accident investigator, and held Australian regulatory responsible manager positions, for both safety and quality systems.

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John DeVadoss.png

John deVadoss

Head of Technology Neo

John deVadoss is President of NGDS and Head of Blockchain Development at Neo. Previously , he Incubated and scaled Microsoft Digital to $0.5B+ and built Microsoft 's Digital Transformation business . deVadoss also led Product strategy for the all-up Microsoft Application Platform and incubated Red Dog (Microsoft Azure ). had two Machine Learning startups , with one equity exit and one acquisition exit . He studied for a PhD in Machine Learning , specializing in Recurrent Neural Networks.

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Steven Kuhn.png

Steven Kuhn

Advisor - Corporate Governance

Steven Eugene Kuhn has been handpicked to consult some of the most influential people in the world about how to expand their brand , build value and loyalty , and develop strategies for increasing beneficial relationships. Steven has led international organizations , managed multi continent projects, and coached executive teams. Since 2006 as the Principal of his own company, Steven actively consults to companies from various industries and in multiple countries . His work with the EU Parliament and German political leaders has allowed Steven to gain success within governmental organizations, and he is sought for his unbiased opinion on trans-Atlantic and American issues. Steven is a valued asset for Blue Energy because of his hands -on work ethic , honesty, integrity, straightforward communication style and the pleasure he takes in passing along this knowledge.

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George Han.png

Gee Han

Blockchain and Finance Advisor

George has worked with hundreds of startup founders in the areas of strategy planning, development and fundraising strategy. He had advised over 10 ICOs and participated their raise to achieve their hardcap . Formerly in his role as startup champion at SMU , he had facilitated the creation of over 90 tech startups and advised over 600 startups in their business plans. George graduates from one of the top global university - National University of Singapore with majors in Economics and Political Science; and has a MBA in Investment from Hull Business School.



The Blue Energy team are diversified and experienced through multiple industries to ensure a fresh approach in an industry in need of change.



Blue Energy is partnering with exceptional companies and its only just the beginning. 

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